Why playing PUBG Mobile can get you arrested in Gujarat

17/May/2019 06:45:55am

Ravinder Raina has reiterated on May 8 that he would file a defamation case against Press Club Leh for dragging his name in the case as, according to him, it was not based on fact. He is reported to have suggested during an informal chat with newspersons in Jammu narco test for the BJP leaders and members of Press Club Leh present at the press conference. He has also been quoted as having said that the party would hold a probe into the matter and “being a disciplined organisation it will not hesitate in taking action against its own party men if found guilty.” According to him, the envelopes handed over to media persons contained an invitation for the May 4 party programme which was addressed by the Defence Minister in Leh. Vikram Randhawa and Narinder Singh, who is a party general secretary, have also rejected the allegations against them and said that there were indeed invitations in the envelopes.